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Zach Herron Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth & More

Zach HerronZach Herron was a famous American pop singer and songwriter, who was better recognized and rose his fame being a member of the five-boy-band “Why Don’t We”.


Zack Herron was born in Dallas, Texas, in the United States of America. His nickname was Zack. He holds an American nationality and belongs to the White caucasian ethnicity. His zodiac sign was Gemini and he follows Christianity. His father’s name was Josh Herron, who was an internet personality, and his mother’s name was Myta Herron, who works at a local supermarket and they were of American descent. He has siblings as well. He grew up along with his siblings in his motherland, Dallas by his parents.

Now talking about Zack’s educational qualification, at his early age, his parents have enrolled him at a local Singing School in Dallas, Later he also attended High School in Rowlett and from there he has compiled his high school education in 2019. After matriculation, he focused more on his singing career rather than on college admissions.

Zach Herron Siblings

Zach was not only his parents’ single child but also he has two siblings as well and he was the eldest among his siblings. His younger brother Rayn Herron was born on 2nd March 2004, He was a pop singer and in the year 2019 he has released his debut single song “Cure” but he has better recognized as the younger brother of Zach Herron.

Zach’s youngest sister Reese Herron was born on 10th August 2011. She was an Instagram star. Although her Instagram account was run by her parents, she gained a lot of followers.

Zach Herron Relationship Status
Zach Herron was single at present and focused so much on his career rather than making a girlfriend. He has massive numbers of female fans who attracts easily by his charming looks and wanted him as a boyfriend but Zach was not interested.

Though many rumors were circulating in the public domain that Zach was previously dating Kay Cook in 2018, who was an aspiring singer and Instagram star. Even in June 2019, the lover birds have attended prom together but they couldn’t able to stretch their relationship farther and broke up in August 2019. After their break up Kay has revealed the reason behind their separation and said that Zach has mistreated her and later also cheated on her.

It was also reported that during his school days when Zach was in eighth grade, he was dating his classmate Chola Garcia. However, after Zach started touring with his band and stayed away from her for a long time, they could not extend their relationship and also ending up their relationship.

Zach Herron Professional Career

Discussing Zach’s professional career, a famous American pop singer, songwriter, and social media personality.

Career Beginning

At his early age, he was fond of singing and also so much interested to pursue his career in the music industry.  He has so much talent and has always been comfortable performing in live events. He pursues his study in music and went on to take part in several talent shows and also sing both choir and solo at school programs.

Gradually he became one of the youngest members of the Septien Entertainment Group’s Master Select Program. After some time, he has shown his interest in acting too and appeared in the school’s drama club and also acted in several dramas, which performed there. At the age of nine, at his cousin’s wedding, he has sung Justin Bieber’s song Baby, which stunned everyone.

Later Career

In the initial phase of Zach’s later career, he used to perform covers of many songs on his YouTube and Instagram accounts. Once he covered Shawn Mendes’s song Stitches, which went viral so quickly and gained 10 million views within a weak and also helped him to know prominently.

Then he started working so much on his YouTube channel and also post singles on the sites. In January 2016, he has released his debut single “Timelapse” and in June 2016, she has dropped his second single “Why”.

Why Don’t We

On 27th September 2016, Zach Herron along with his four friends Jack Avery, Jonah Marais, Corbyn Besson, and Daniel Seavey has formed the boy band titled, “Why Don’t We”. Next month on 7th October 2016, they released their first single “Taking You”. Later they released five extended plays (EP) and two studio albums along with several singles.

Extended Plays
  • 1st EP titled “Only the Beginning”, released on 25th November 2016.
  • 2nd EP titled “Something Different”, released on 21st April 2017.
  • 3rd EP titled “Why Don’t We Just”, released on 2nd June 2017.
  • 4th EP titled “Invitation”, released on 26th September 2017.
  • 5th EP titled ” A Why Don’t We Christmas”, released on 23rd November 2017.
Studio Albums
  • 1st Studio Album titled “8 Letters”, released on 31st August 2018, and was supported by three singles: ‘Hooked’, ‘Talk’, and the title-track ‘8 Letters’.
  • 2nd Studio Album titled “The Good Times and the Bad Times”, released on 15th January 2021, and was supported by three singles: ‘Fallin (Adrenaline)’, ‘Lotus Inn’, and ‘Slow Down’.
  • “Trust Fund Baby”, released on 1st February 2018.
  • “Hooked”, released date 7th June 2018.
  • “Talk”, released on 6th July 2018.
  • “8 Letters”, released on 19th August 2018.
  • “Big Plans”, released on 16th January 2019.
  • “I Don’t Belong in This Club”, released on 20th March 2019.
  • “Unbelievable”, released on 28th May 2019.
  • “Come To Brazil”, released on 28th June 2019.
  • “What Am I”, released on 22nd August 2019.
  • “Fallin”, released on 29th September 2020.
  • ”Lotus Inn”, released on 4th December 2020.
  • “Slow Down”, released on 17th December 2020.

If he was continuing his journey, we will definitely see him as one of the bigger icons in the future, as he was just 19 years old,

Zach Herron Net Worth And Salary

When it comes to celebrities people also want to know how much Zach Herron’s net worth was and what was his salary? He has an estimated net worth of around $0.5 million to $1 million. He has gathered this sum of wealth mainly from his singing and acting career.

Simultaneously, he also earned a decent amount of money from his YouTube channel. He earns between $28 to $451 US Dollars monthly and also earns between $338 to $5.4k as an annual salary from his YouTube channel. As his career was running successfully, his wealth will definitely increase as time went on.

Zach Herron Age

When it comes to celebrities and their personal affairs, no doubt, the fans are always curious to know about all the small things. In this case, people are want to know how old was Zach Herron? He was born on 27th May 2001 in Dallas, Texas, in the United States of America. As per wiki, he is now 19 years old.

Zach Herron Height And Weight

As all we know, fans are always curious to know about all the small things and knock them every moment like how tall was Zach Herron and what was his weight? He has been able to attain a height of 5 feet 6 inches which is also equivalent to 168 cm. He has also a decent bodyweight that mirrors his character and reflects on his personality. His bodyweight around 59 kg which is equivalent to 130 lbs. He has maintained his physical figure fit and also looks good.

10 Facts On Zach Herron That Might Surprised You!

  1. Zach’s birth name was Zachary Dean Herron but he is professionally known as Zach Herron.
  2. He learned to play at least 9 different instruments.
  3. At the age of 15, he competed in the “Youngest American Idol 14”  and finished 9th position.
  4. He has a self-titled youtube channel, which he formed on 1st March 2015,
  5. He is a big fan of Shawn Peter Raul Mendes aka Shawn Mendes, who was a Canadian singer and songwriter.
  6. His hobbies include skating, singing, and watching funny videos.
  7. Zach’s favorite actor is Jon Bellion and his favorite actress is Ariana Grande.
  8. His favorite destination is the Bahamas, where he would like to travel one day.
  9. He loved to perform live and also performed live at local bars in Texas.
  10. Zach has been involved so much on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and manages to gather a huge fan following on all sites.