Why We Love Full Screen Smartphone

We all love full screen smartphone day by day. If we go to the history of phone, firstly we are satisfied with no display in land line. But we are progress in our life we are not happy with the same kind of mobile. So our technician design the phone with little display and keypad. Those phone are best phone in  70 century. As we progress in our life the phone will need to modify. And we got better phone with screen touch no keypad in Twenty century. Now we call the phone Smartphone, as a mini computer. As we are progress in our life we need to the smartphone more smarter, good looks and full screen. Today we are discuss about Why We Love Full Screen Smartphone ?

As for the market people are not liking the old smartphone with big bezel. So the company are change their market strategy as public want because the company sell the smartphone to public. As we are getting big screen phone with some new technology, we are getting bigger experience as a audience.

After coming smartphone in the market, we are love to watch movie in our own smartphone privetly. Now we do not need to go cinema hall watch the movie or we don’t need to sit in front of television. With the help of the help of the smartphone we can watch any movie in a local train also. For better movie various company come with the ott platform like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar. They are also coming with great original web series and movies.

Like people watch movie in their own smartphone, they also love to play games in the smartphone. As for me in my childhood i play snake game in my father black and white nokia phone. But now the scenery is completely changed. People are love to play computer game in mobile. As for the public demand company also public phone version of their game.

Some day back people are liking big bezel smartphone. Now they are not liking big bezel smartphone. So the company change the mobile display like iPhone come with notch and they make this trends, many company follow the same step. But the upcoming smartphone remove the notch and come with full display like MI Mix, VIVO Nex and many more