Who is V Shred Guy Vince Sant ? It is a Scandal ?

Who is V Shred Guy Vince Sant ? It is a Scandal ?

Vince Sant

Vince Sant is the name of an American fitness instructor, who is the co-founder and CEO of one of the fastest-growing online fitness brands V Shred, where he gives people custom diet and training plans. He’s certified through the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA).

Early Life

Vince Sant was born in Ohio, in the United States of America. He holds an American nationality and belongs to the White ethnicity. His Zodiac sign is Capricorn and he followed the Christian religion.

Parents and family members

Discussing about his parents, his father’s name is Eric Thomas Gray and his mother’s name is Roxanne Sant Gray. He has siblings as well, two sisters named Cassie Gray and Zoe Gabrielle Gray.

Education and beginning of fitness Journey

Now, talking about Vince’s education, while he was attending Fairmont High School in Kettering, Ohio, He was so active in sports, especially football. However, he had to quit football because he lacked the body mass to excel in sports but it encouraged him, and made up his mind to build his body to an admirable extent.

Famous For

Vince was best known for uploading fitness tips and tutorial videos on his YouTube channel, V Shred. But before the frame, he was too skinny that he needed to quit football and he got motivated to shape his body by proper diet and exercise to become the ISSA certified trainer and fitness model.

Besides, on his Youtube channel, he also shared his workout routines, tips, and more. He has been an inspiration to a lot of people who are struggling to maintain a healthy lifestyle and fit body.

Who Is The V Shred Guy?

People are curious to know who is the guy behind the V Shred. It is Vince Sant, he is co-founded the online fitness brand V Shred. In 2015, Vince helped to establish V Shred alongside Nick Daniel, Roger Crandall, Kevin Pearn, who searched out to make a solid wellness development explicitly intended to convey significant changes in your body with the insignificant measure of exercise time.

It is one of the fastest-growing online fitness brands in the world. In less than 3 years, he helped change the lives of over 900,000 people, and that number grows by the thousands every day.

He shared his workout routines, tips, and more on the V Shred YouTube channel, earning 1.8 million+ subscribers. His official website is V Shred, where he also shares the custom secret of diet, workouts, and training along with the supplements guide.

The fitness trainer is also famous on Instagram, where he has more than 650k+ followers. However, his channel has garnered a total of more than 70 million+ views from his videos.

V Shred Review

For those looking for a better body shape with a healthy home diet, then the V Shred series of fitness programs can help you.

As we know V Shred was co-founded by Vince Sant, he is a celebrity trainer. He is quite popular for his workout system with minimum effect and his plan for the workout is to the point.

My friend John introduced me to his videos ” after watching his videos I am quite impressed with his workout technic and he is a super cool guy with his motivational talk  he charges up to me to do a proper workout every day.”

Vince always said that to make a body in the proper size and shape, diet(80%) is most important. Every person’s body is different that’s why everyone’s dying plan is different from each other. That’s why he makes the vshred.com custom plane feature.

The side claims that they have two planes one for a short expansion of 8 weeks and another for 12 weeks. After getting information about you, his nutritionists will customize a diet plan for you to hit your fitness goals as fast as humanly possible. They offer various plans you can see below.

V Shred Pro

  • Although on died you will not hungry for food and mindset practices to stay on track.
  • Easy to follow at home. Each excise has how-to instruction also has in progression to match the variation of that excise.
  • They have home excise and gym excise with how-to guidelines.
  • The trainer is available to help out with your question. Unlimited access to your trainer through email. They will change the custom plan according to your growth.
  • Quick customer service (if you do not like the plane after buying, they will refund it very quickly).
  • Access to a Facebook group, where you can see other people’s progress and you can discuss with them. Also if you ask a question you will get an answer from the community and professional trainer.

V Shred Cons

  • There is no step-by-step process after signing in if you not using their custom plan.
  • Some of the information is incomplete.
  • Some of the information does not highly valuable for those who are starting now like protein consumption around your workout.
  • All the mill recommendations are based in the USA.
  • No Phone Number for Customer service only email support.
  • If you add on something on custom died plain 30 Days Money back does not apply.

Vince Sant app

As we know Vince started his V Shred journey in 2015 and 3 years later on 21 December 2018, he released his fitness app V Shred: Diet & Fitness. The app is downloaded by more than 1 million people from the google play store.

In their fitness app, they provided multiple fitness programs like Ripped in 90 days, Clean Bulk Program, Fat Loss Extreme, Toned In 90 Days, and some others as well in the form of video continent.

In their app, they also sell different types of supplements and also explain the benefits and nutritional value of those supplements. One can simply sign in to their app by providing an email id and setting up a password. After signing in to their app you have to give some basic details like Gender, Age, Height, Weight, and your fitness goal so they can suggest you their program for you.

Vince Sant diet

Vince Sant talks about 4 types of diet in his different videos, Keto Diet, Intermittent Fasting, Carb Cycling, and Flexible Dieting. The Keto diet has super high in fats and cut off the carbs from the diet.

Intermittent Fasting is where you have to fast for a long time and it will boost your growth hormone and immunity. Carb Cycling where you have to divide your whole week into two cyle low carb days and high carb days.

On your High Carb Days, You Have to take High carb and low-fat diet and on your low-carb days, you have to take. A flexible diet whare is one of the diets where you track your protein, carbs, and fat intake every day and you can also take a Burger some day in this diet to fit your calory intake.

Vince Sant 4 food to avoid

In July 2020 he shared a short video on his social media platform The 4 Worst food for men who care about their TESTOSTERONE. The main video about 4 Food to avoid was released on his website Sculptnation.com.

In this video, he suggests avoiding four food that we used every day in our daily life to increase our Testosterone levels and which also keep us low Cortisol levels. Vegetable oil, Flex seeds, Fat-free Flavored Yogurt, and Trans Fat are the 4 food that Vince Suggest avoiding for increasing our Testosterone Levels.

You Can watch the full Video in this link about 4 Food to avoid increased testosterone levels. In this video, he also talks about the 5 best food to Increase Testosterone Levels.

5 best food to Increase Testosterone Levels

Tribulus Terrestris, Ashwagandha, Epimedium, Eurycoma Longifolia, and diindolylmethane are the 5 food that he suggests for boosting testosterone levels. He also said that it not only boosts your testosterone level but also significantly lowers your cortisol level.

Vince Sant Relationship Status

Talking about Vince’s relationship status, he is in a relationship with the Instagram star, Ashley Rossi. She was also the owner of a clothing line CURRENT and she was also a socialite and model. Besides as an entrepreneur, Ashly also owns several Italian restaurants. The couple first shared their photo on Instagram in mid-October 2017. Since then, it looks like they have been thriving in their picture relationship. She is also into fitness and health just like him.

They are often seen together in the gym supporting and pushing each other to be at their best. As per the source, in the year 2019,  the couple participated in the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival and relished their fun moments. However, their relationship is going very strong without any signs of complications and problems.

Is Vince Sant Gay?

Though Vince was in a relationship with Ashley Rossi, gay speculation has surrounded him. He might not have directly addressed those rumors, but delving into his Twitter, he once replied to a Twitter user, ‘@sir_seanathan’, that there’s nothing gay about getting one’s di*k sucked.

Vince Sant’s Net Worth

He is now one of the most popular names of the American fitness instructor. As he continues his career, it is expected that his wealth will also continue to increase. There is no public statement that what he earned.

According to various sources, the general instructor makes $111,736 yearly. But what he could earn, we could discuss that he owns one of the fastest-growing fitness brands, and from his popular youtube channel, he did other brand promotions. Also, he is quite popular on Instagram and we know how much Instagramer makes money. As a popular YouTuber,  have his own merchandise which he sold through vshred.com. He has an estimated net worth of around $5 million.

Vince Sant Business partners

He started the business with his 3 friends. Right now they have 3 brands vshred, sculptnation, vthreads(new venture) and they are ready to go for the next level.

Vince Sant Height And Weight

As a fan, people were always so eager to know how tall Vince Sant was and what was his weight? He has been able to attain a height of 6 feet 1 inch which is also equivalent to 185 cm. He has also a decent body weight that mirrors his character and reflects on his personality. His body weight is around 81 kg which is equivalent to 178 lbs. He looks stylish and also maintained his physical figure fit and muscular. His body measurement will

  • Chest: 42 inches.
  • Waist: 32 inches.
  • Biceps: 15 inches.

9 Facts On Boston Russell That Might Surprise You!

  1. He became a best-selling fitness author, who authored books on healthcare.
  2. V Shred is a health brand that sells supplements, online personal training, and meal plans.
  3. The best-selling fitness author has tattoos on his right arm.
  4. On his official website V Shred, Vince shares the secret of diet, workouts, and training along with the supplements guide.
  5. He was also the co-founder of the company named, Sculpt Nation.
  6. As per the data of Payscale, he probably earns an estimated income of more than $19.76 per hour in 2019.
  7.  Vince has another Instagram handle for his dog “boxerbrutus”.
  8. His favorite actor is Dwayne Johnson(The Rock).
  9. Vince launched his official Youtube channel V Shred on 25th January 2015 and posts three videos every week.