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Tamara Day

Tamara Day is the name of a famous home designer, home renovator, and television host. She is better known for her appearance in Bargain Mansion, which premiered in November 2017 on DIY Network.


Tamara was born in Kansas City, Missouri.  She holds American nationality with white ethnicity. About her education, she graduated with a degree in communications.

On the show, Tamara will use her talents to renovate large homes that have fallen into disrepair. Her work and concept of giving life to abandoned homes are just marvelous. She is known for her talent transforming old rundown houses into beautiful and livable spaces. After the success of Bargain Mansion’s first session, then the second session moves DIY Network to HGTV.

Tamara Day Age

When it comes to celebrities and their personal affairs, no doubt, the fans are always curious to know about all the small things. In this case, people are want to know how old is Tamara Day? As per wiki, she celebrates her birthday on August 20 and was born in 1976, which makes her age 44 this year.

Tamara Day Parents

Apart from this, she has not disclosed so much personal information about her. But her love for fixing old house comes from his dad Ward Schraeder. From early childhood, she used to help her father maintain their farm in Kansas and also learned about the construction business from her dad.

But her first project is when she introduced to the industry is not for her passion. Because her dad take a project, and he realized that he could not afford to have an outside crew finish the work. So he decided to teach his kids. Then Tamara did many renovations with her father.

There are not many public appearances with her mom like Tamara and father. Ward and Trish celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary in 2019, and the two are the parents of four children. 


When she was a little girl, she used to help her father maintain their farm and learned about the construction business, which helps to lead the construction business platform. Later she started her own business of buying old neglected properties in Kansas then renovated and transformed them into beautiful houses, which she later sold.

After that, she came into the limelight after appeared as a host in DIY Network’s Bargain Mansions. The show premiered in the mid-November 2017 on the TCL channel. She also appeared in a couple of TV shows like The show premiered in the mid-November 2017 on DIY Network and DIY Ultimate retreat (2017).

After a successful TV Show, She has her own company called Growing Days Home,[1]Growing Days Home where she posts her beautiful works which opened on 7th December 2019. 

Bargain Mansions

Recently she started her own blog tamaraday.com, where she modify as a brand. She wrote several blog posts. Through her content, she shares design tips, personal stories, and information related to Bargain Mansions.  

From her own, she updates all the things like what she did in the past, what is the new design she currently design, you can order a project and customize by yourself.    

Tamara Day husband

The reality star is a married woman. Tamara married to Billy in 2001 after a long period of courtship where they got to know each other and fall in love.

Tamara Day

The couple bought new homes and Tamara did the renovation and the design. The couple is blessed with four children; three sons and a cute daughter named Nora born in 2013.

Tamara Day Net Worth

He is now one of the most popular names of the American Home Designer. And her show bracks many records as for the viewership. She is making lots of money from various sectors like she brought an old house after renovating she shell the house,  renovating other person houses, shell her own product. 

There is no solid information about her net worth. According to the source, his estimated net worth approx $3 million as of 2020. 

8Facts On Tamara Day That Might Surprise You!

  1. Tamara was born in Kansas City, Missouri to Mr. Ward, who was also heavily involved in home renovations.
  2. She graduated with a degree in communications.
  3. Tamara is an American television host most renowned for starring on the DIY network.
  4. Recently she has done a new project Growing Days home which opened on 7th December 2019.
  5. Tamara is a big football fan and loves going to games whenever she gets the chance.
  6. Reportedly, she earns around $ 10,000 for every episode they feature in.
  7. In 2001, Tamara got married to Bill after a long period of courtship.
  8. She does not have any favorite project, told in an interview[2]Residential Tech Today  “Each house has a favorite feature to me. I think I have yet to find my favorite house because then I’ll probably move in. Each one has its own unique challenges and unique feelings and vibes. For me, it’s been really fun to be able to do so many different styles of home, so many different ages of homes, and be able to find a vision for each of them.”
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