Make Your Public Relations (PR) Profile I Advertising

MuchFeed provides help-full information about People. Suppose, you are in any business and your client wants to know about you and your past work before hearing you. So we are making those Profile to getting more accessible for you Clint.

For making Profile :

If you looking to make your profile in MuchFeed, kindly read the following rules.

You/Your Clint should be a little famous in his/her field.

You/Your Clint’s name should be appeared in at list one of the renowned new article. Kindly send us the URL of the news article on the image of the newspaper article.

You need to provide all the details that you want to put in your profile along with an image.

You are required to send an ID proof of you/your client for identity verification.

If you qualified the rules, you can send an email at [email protected]

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For PR Advertising

Kindly drop us an email at [email protected] for any PR or Advertising related query.

What is the full form of PR? Does that stand for Public Relation?

(one of our clients send us this Question)  

Yes, it means Digital Public Relations.

PR can be used to place news on digital platforms. Online news streams are mainstream now. One of our clients doesn’t even care about print anymore, online news is the place to be.

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