Jessie Holmes(Life Below Zero)Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth & 5 Facts

Jessie Holmes(Life Below Zero)Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth & 5 Facts

Jessie Mae HolmesJessie Holmes is an American television personality who is known as a fisherman, carpenter, hunter, and dogsled racer. He rose to fame after appearing in the National Geographic Channel’s documentary television series Life Below Zero.

Early Life

Jessie Holmes was born in Odenville, Alabama, in the United States of America. His nickname is Jessie, he holds American nationality and belongs to the White ethnicity. His zodiac sign is Pisces and he follows the Christian religion.

He left his home at the age of 16 to visit Alaska. He spent his three years in Montana, where he worked as a carpenter. Holmes wanted to live the life of mountain man, so he traveled across the north.

He traveled by train to Fort Nelson, in British Columbia. He also hitchhiked his way to Yukon Territory, where he helped a person run traplines with dog teams. After some time Jessie moved to Alaska around 2004 and since, has been mushing. He spent his early years in Eagle, Alaska.

Jessie Holmes Profile

  • Full name: Jessie Holmes
  • Date of birth:20th February 1982
  • Place of birth: In Odenville, Alabama, in the United States of America.
  • Nationality: American
  • Instagram: jessie_holmes__
  • Occupation: Television star, fisherman, carpenter, hunter, and dogsled racer.
  • Famous for: Appearing in the National Geographic Channel’s documentary television series Life Below Zero.


At the age of 16, he started his challenging journey in Alaska when he jumped off freight train. Immediately started building boats, fish wheels, sleds, and cabins along with raising his sled dogs.

He first settled in Eagle and later he moved to Nenna whare he lived in the bank of Nenna River. Jessie spends most of his time with the group of his 40 dogs.

He also spends most of his time to do fishing and hunting. In the time of summer, he has to catch at least 3000 Soloman fish so that he can survive in the winter.

He also loves to compete in sled dog races and he won most of them. He is also recognized for training 44 sled dogs, and winning various races. He has won several competitions like the 2017 Kobuk 440 and the 2016 Yukon 300.

Jessie also participated in the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog race in 2018. He also ranked 15th in the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog race and earned prize money of $ 12,496.

It was his fourth year participating in the competition. It takes 8 days 11 hours and 29 minutes to complete the race. In the previous year, he ranked 9th in the race, and in 2018 he ranked 7th in the race.

Becoming a TV Star and The series

In early 2015 he got an offer to join a show called Life Below Zero. But initially he refused to join the show because he wanted to live a privet life in the wilderness.

Later, He made a decision to join the cast of the documentary TV series Life Below Zero in its sixth season. His decission to join the show changed his life completely. The news surfaced on social media after Life Below Zero’s official Facebook welcomed their newest addition.

The series was produced by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). The show was reflect his lifestyle in the harsh conditions of Alaska’s freezing wilderness. The show premiered on May 19th, 2013 on the National Geography Channel.

This series is about those people who struggle to survive in the harsh, freezing atmosphere of the segregated state of Alaska. It also illustrates both the daily and seasonal activities of people who try their best to make their living in one of the most remote areas of the world.

Other cast members of the show include:

  • Andy Bassich
  • Sue Aikens
  • Erik Salitan
  • Glenn Villeneuve
  • Chip
  • Agnes Hailstone

Is Jessie Holmes Still on Life Below Zero?

The famous sledge dog racer Holmess injuried in October 2022. He injuried during his trip to Golovin, Alaska with his Group of frinds. They are going to Golovin for a concerted effort to clean up the Western Coast of Alaska.

Because the 2022 Typhoon Merbok ruined the Western Coast of Alaska after. While cleaning up the storm damage he wad falling debris in a building. The acident was happed in the community of Golovin on Wednesday.

He sufferd with few broken bones in his Injurued, which need surgery to recovery. Thats why Holmess has to leave the Life Below Zero show.

After the incident his group of frinds create a GoFundMe Page to funding his bone surgey. Within a week they successfully raised $40k from GoFundMe Page.

Jessie Mae Holmes’s Personal Life

Fans frequently conjecture about Holmes’ personal life and want to know if he has a girlfriend or wife. But frequently conjecture is disclosed as to whether he is in a relationship with someone or not – however, it is known that he is not married, and it’s believed that he is currently single.

Jessie was in a relationship with a girlfriend during his time in Eagle, Alaska, and intended to marry her. However, the relationship ended as the girl left her for another man. Maybe this is the reason Jessie keeps his relationship details private.

Jessie Mae Holmes Age

When it comes to celebrities and their personal affairs, no doubt, the fans are always curious to know about all the small things. So if you also want to find out more about Glenn then you are on the right way and stay with us.

In this case, people want to know how old was Jessie Mae Holmes? Jessie celebrates his birthday on 20th February, and he was born in 1982, which makes his age 39 this year. 

Jessie Mae Holmes Height and Weight

As we know fans are always strange to know about all the small things and knock them every time how tall is Jessie Mae Holmes, and what is his weight?

Villeneuve has been able to mention a height of 5 feet 10 cm which is also equivalent to 158 cm and 1.58 m, her weight approx 72 kg ( 158 lbs ).

Jessie Mae Holmes’s Net worth

When it comes to celebrities people also want to know how much Jessie Holmes’s net worth was and what was his salary? He earns most of his wealth from his career as a Television Star.

His appearances in the show increased enormously not only his popularity but also his net worth. Jessie also earns through carpentry work by building the boat, cabin, sled, and fish wheels.

He arranges food for his 38 sled dogs by fishing salmon fish during summer and winter. Reportedly, each of the main cast members earns $4,500 per episode, with Jessie has appeared in about 68 episodes.

He also placed 15th ranked in the Iditarod Race in 2021, whare he earned a prize money of $12,496.

Apart from being a Tv personality, he also boosts his income by trading on some of the products he derives from his wild operations. Including all the property and assets he has, Jessie Holmes estimated Net Worth is around $500k.

5 Major Facts On Jessie Mae Holmes That Might Surprise You!

  1. Jessie wanted to live the life of mountain man, so he traveled across the north.
  2. He catches an average of 3,000 Solomon fish during summer and fall.
  3. Holmes ran his first 200-mile race in 2006 and came in last.
  4. He has moved, himself and 38 sled dogs to Nenana, about 55 miles southwest of Fairbanks, and bought the dog yard once owned by Jerry Riley, the 1976 Iditarod champion.
  5. Holmes is not active on social media sites. He tends to spend his spare time in nature, surrounded by his sled dogs.