James Ben Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Bio & More

James BenJames Ben is an American investment banker and also a managing director of a popular company. James is mostly famous for the husband of an American news anchor Trish Regan.


James Ben was born in 1971 in the United States of America in a Christian family. James Ethnicity is white. His parent’s name is not known, he belongs to a business background his father was a businessman and his mother was a homemaker.  James brought up with his parents he is very curious about business from his childhood.

James Ben Age

When it comes to celebrities and their personal affairs, no doubt, the fans are always curious to know about all the small things. In this case, people are want to know how old is James Ben? But it’s unfortunate that his birth date is not clear on the internet he was born in 1971. which makes his age 49 this year.


After finishing high school James  Studying at the University of New Hampshire and earned a degree in Business administration. In 1994 James did Doctor of Law from the University of Miami School of Law.

James starting his career as an investment banker now he is a reputed investment banker. James Linkedin profile says that he is the managing director of three companies. previously He was working as the head of M&A, North America of Rothschild & co, in 2015.

James Ben and Trish Regan

Trish Regan is the name of James Ben’s wife she is a Journalist and News Anchor on Fox Media. Ben and Regan’s love story is very interesting.

James and Trish met for the first time at her cousin’s wedding. On the wedding night when James look at Regan, he was very attracted to her and started talking with Regan. And they are started dating each other.

After half of the year later Jame’s realized that they are made for each other and he proposed to Trish Regan for the marriage. A few months later they decide to get married and on 25 August 2001 James and Regan got married.

The couples have two beautiful daughters named Elizabeth Ben and Alexandra Ben. James and Regan realize that being a parent of two beautiful daughters feels really amazing.

After that, on 9 June 2014 James’s wife Regan gave birth to a son named Jamie Ben. Right they happily live with their big 5 family member in the USA.

Trish Regan’s show was put on hiatus after Regan said that criticisms of President Trump’s response to the spread of the new coronavirus were impeachment all over again, Regan’s was released by Fox Business at the last of the month.

James Ben Investment Banker

After complete, the Business administration degree from the University of New Hampshire. James worked in a company for some time in Bingham McCutchen as an associate. And he started his career as an investment banker.

James is an American successful and reputed Investment banker and he worked as a managing director of the famous company Rothschild in New York. James is also the Co-Head of the company.

The investment banker James Ben is a good businessman but he is best known in public as a husband of Famous American News Anchor Trish Regan.

James Ben Net Worth

James Ben is a successful businessman, and a famous celebrity being a  Spouse of Trish Regan. People are always interested to know about the Net Worth of a successful businessman and a celebrity.

James makes a good profit from investment banking and earns lots of money he is managing director three company so he a very rich man.  considering the property and assets he has James Estimated Net Worth is around  $ 20 million.

5 Facts On James Ben That Might Surprise You!

  1. James is the managing director of three companies he is also James is also the Co-Head of the famous company Rothschild in New York.
  2. He loves to eat non-veg dishes Whenever James goes for dinner with his beautiful wife Regan he likes to order non-veg dishes.
  3. Trish Regan’s husband is not active in Social media because he has a busy working schedule.
  4. James Ben is a very tall man he is able to attain a height of 6 feet 2 inches which is equivalent to 189 centimeters.
  5. Trish Regan’s husband James is a dog lover he has pet a dog and James loves to spend time with his dog.


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