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Izabella Hamilton Wiki, Bio, Net Worth, Age & More

Izabella HamiltonIzabella Hamilton is the name of an American celebrity kid. She is better known for being the daughter of a famous wave surfer and model Laird Hamilton. Her mother Maria Souza is also a big-wave surfer and clothing designer.

Laird is best known as an American big-wave surfer and pioneer in the world of action water sports. He is also an inventor, author, stunt man, model, producer, TV host, fitness and nutrition expert, and adrenaline junkie.

Early life

Izabella was born in 1995 to parents, Laird and Maria. She is the only child of her parents. After her birth in 1995, her parents got separated. Later her father married for the second time on November 30, 1997, Gabrielle Reece, a professional volleyball player, sports announcer, and actress from the United States.

She has two stepsisters, Reece Viola Hamilton, and Brody Jo Hamilton. Her relationship with her sisters is good. Along with her stepmother, she is often spotted with her brothers.

Izabella Hamilton Profile

  • Full name: Izabella Hamilton
  • Date of birth:  1995
  • Place of birth:  USA
  • Nationality: American
  • Famous for: being the daughter of Laird Hamilton, a wave surfer and model, and Maria Souza, a big-wave surfer.

Izabella Hamilton Celebrity Father

Laird Hamilton aka The King of Big Wave Surfinggro born on March 2, 1964, in San Francisco, California. He is a renowned American big-wave surfer, waterman, and innovator in the world of water sports. During his career spanning, he has become a legendary figure in the surfing community.

Well-known for his daring style of riding enormous waves, Laird has expanded what is conceivable on the water. He has acquired the moniker “The King of Big Wave Surfing” because of his extraordinary talent, athleticism, and strong bond with the ocean. Laird has taken on some of the world’s most formidable and massive waves, such as the notorious Jaws surf break in Maui, Hawaii.

In addition to spearheading the evolution of traditional surfing, Hamilton has also made substantial contributions to the creation of stand-up paddleboarding, hydrofoil boarding, and tow-in surfing. A new generation of surfers and water aficionados have been inspired by his creative thinking and commitment to pushing the boundaries.

Along with his accomplishments in the water, Laird is a successful businessman, writer, and fitness specialist. He has co-authored books on fitness and health, highlighting the value of a comprehensive approach to wellbeing. Hamilton is a true icon in the world of extreme water sports because of his lasting influence on the surfing and water sports communities.

Izabella Hamilton Mother

Her mother Maria is widely known as the former spouse of American big-wave surfer Laird Hamilton. Maria was born in the 1970s in the United States of America. She used to accomplish gymnastics before being exposed to surfing when she was 13 years old. She has been committed to this job since then. She is the first woman to dive into the vicious surf of Peahi, Maui, widely known as Jaws.

She has been instructed in almost every style of surfing. The lady also educated people on how to tow-in surf, foil surf, windsurf, kite-board, Hawaiian Canoe, tandem surf, and stand-up paddle.

However, instead of pursuing a skilled career in surfing, she views it as an artistic endeavor. She made news in 1990 when he became the first surfer to contribute in a 360-degree loop while tied to his board. Her spouse is supposed an all-time great surfer due to his regular surfing at 35 feet tall and a speed of 30 miles per hour.

Izabella’s Mother Did Not Attend The Second Wedding

In 1992, her mother married Laird Hamilton. For three years, the pair admired their married life together. Following that, they split up and divorced in 1995. Izabella’s mother was scarcely seen with anybody after her first dead marriage.

Her father’s second marriage was to Gabrielle Reece, a former professional beach volleyball player. They got married in 1997. Gabrielle Reece is known for her achievements in volleyball and as a fitness expert, model, and actress.

Izabella Hamilton’s Net worth

According to several resources, Izabella has a net worth of around  $2 million as of December 2023. Her mother Maria is a famous big-wave surfer from the United States who also co-invented tow-in surfing and occasionally works as an action sports model. Her estimated net worth is around $10 million, that she earned from her career. On the other hand, her father has a net worth of $25 million.

5 Facts On Izabella Hamilton That Might Surprise You!

  1. Maria wed Laird Hamilton in 1992.
  2. Her parents’ marriage came to an end the same year she was born, which was 1995.
  3. After the separation, her mother decided not to be married again as a result.
  4. Izabella’s mother did not attend the second wedding, her father attended, with Gabrielle Reece,
  5. She has two half-siblings, Reece Viola Hamilton and Brody Jo Hamilton.