How can you watch Bengali Movie ?

How can you watch Bengali Movie :  Bengali is one of the most popular in India. Mainly Bengali people live at West Bengal. But those people are only stay in West Bengal they are every where India and outside of India also for their work. From the Bengal, they have some greatest Film director like Satyajit Ray, Mrinal Sen.

Bengali people love to watch movie. They created some great films in the history cinema. In Bollywood film have great reach because of Hindi langue. But biggest Bollywood stare want to do a Bengali cinema for the work satisfaction. Like Amitabh Bachchan did Anushandhan, Aishwarya Rai did Chokher Bali with Rituparno Ghosh in 2003. Bengali film maker did some great work. But main problem how can all the people watch the film ?

Now days people have not enough time to watch a film in the theater. When people feel that it has a cinematic experience or it has some unique buzz, then people come to the theater. Or some people are waiting for Tv Channel. Buy young working people are not like Tv they like to watch in internet, you can watch the staff in different places. But main problem How can you watch new Bengali Movie ? Now you can watch in Hoichoi.

What is Hoichoi ?

As for Bengali industry Shree Venkatesh Films (SVF) is one of the leading producer and distribute. They recently lunch one Big OTT platform Called Hoichoi. Hoichoi is now one of the most popular apps for bengali entertainment. Hoichoi is like Netflix for Bengali viewer.


You might thing it is a SVF platform where you can watch only SVF movies, it’s not. You can watch 500 place bengali movie. Hoichoi produce some original movie that you can only watch on the platform. Hoichoi Also produce original web-series, some of are very popular like Holly Fuck, Eken Babu, Japani Toy and many.

How you can subscribe Hoichoi ?

It is not a free platform, it is a premium platform. You can watch all the Hoichoi movie and web-series any time anywhere. But you need to subscribe the plane first. How to you do it. It is a very simple process, if you want to smartphone then download the apps and for the desktop user go to the Then click on the Subscribe Now button.

Hoichoi Subscribe Plane

Then put your Email Id, Name and Password.

After that put your Mobile Number and click on Check Out Option.

You can see pay out option. Choose you favorite medium for payout.

After paying the payment your account will be activated. Then login with your Email ID and Password. And now you can watch all the Hoichoi Movie, Web-series and you can play the song also.

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