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Eva Chambers Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Bio & More

Eva ChambersEva Chambers is an American Guittar Player and Music Band artist, she is best known for being the daughter of Justin Chambers who is a famous American actor and former model.


Eva Chambers was born in 1999 in New York City, United States, she belongs to a Christian family. Eva is the daughter of Justin Chambers and his wife Keisha Chambers.

Her father Justin Chambers is a famous American actor and former model and her mother Keisha Chambers is a former model agency broker. Eva studying at a Local High School in New York City.

Eva chambers were brought up with her four siblings, she has three sisters named Isabella Chambers, Kaila Chambers, Maya Chambers. and one brother named Jackson Chambers.

Since her childhood, she is very interested in music, when she was in school she started learning Guitar.

Eva Chambers Age

When it comes to celebrities and their personal affairs, no doubt, the fans are always curious to know about all the small things. In this case, people are want to know how old is Eva Chambers? She celebrates her birthday on 31 March and was born in 1999, which makes her age 21 this year.

Eva Chambers Height

True fans are always curious to know about all the small things like how tall is Eva Chambers? She has been able to attain a height of 5 feet and 5 inches which is also equivalent to 165cm.

Justin Chambers and Eva Chambers

Eva Chambers is the youngest daughter of the famous American personality Justin chambers.  Eva’s father Justin chambers is a former model and very popular actor, he was born on 11 July 1970 in Ohio, United States.

After completing his school at Southeastern High School, he went to New York HB Studio for studying Acting and modeling.  After that, he started his modeling career and worse off some most popular brands such as Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana, and Armani.

In 1995 he appeared in a soap opera called Another World then Justin has become more popular. 4 years later in 1999, he played a role American comedy-drama film called Liberty Heights.

Justin chambers work for lots of comedy and thriller films such as Southern Belles, The Zodiac, Broken City, and so many others.  In his acting career, he won lots of awards for his Exilance performance.

In 2005 Justin Chambers was nominated for Teen Choice Awards for Grey’s Anatyomy medical drama series. He also won the Satelite Awards for the Grey’s Anatyomy.

During his, ad campaigns for Calvin Klein Justin met Keisha where she was working as a model agency broker. In their first meeting, Justing very attracted to her and approached her after a few days they are started dating each other.

At the beginning of 1993, Eva’s father Justin proposed to  Keisha to get married, and then in the middle of 1993, they got married. After one year later of their marriage, Keisha gave birth to their first daughter named Isabella in 1994.

Then in June of 1997, she gave birth to twins daughter Maya and Kaila, and their 4th and youngest daughter Eva came into their life in march of 1999. The 3 years later of Eva’s birth, Keisha gave birth to their only son Jackson Chambers in January 2002.

Eva’s Relationship

Eva Chambers lives a beautiful and lavish life being the daughter of the famous American actor Justin Chambers. Unlike the other Celebrity Kids, she is not active on social media. She loves to spend quality time with her parents and siblings.

Eva Chambers has not revealed yet about her boyfriend or who is the lucky guy she is dating with.  Now she is only focused on building her carer in the music industry, to become a famous guitarist.


After completing high school form a local high school in New York City Eva Chambers started learning guitar. She has started working as a Music Band artist for her Band Pinky Pinky Bands as a guitar player.

With her band’s She performed in different places, and she earns a considerable amount of money from Pinky Pinky Bans

Eva Chambers Net Worth

Eva Chambers earns a considerable amount of money from her music Bands Pinky Pinky. According to the average income of a Guitarist in New York is $80,653. We consider that Eva Chambers earned the same amount of money as a guitarist.

Her father Justin Chambers gifted her a lavish house in New York on her birthday, considering the money she earns from her Bands and she inherits from her father Eva’s estimated Net Worth is around $1 million.

5 Facts On Eva Chambers That Might Surprise You!

  1. Eva’s mother Keisha Chambers previously works as a model agency broker.
  2. Eva Chambers is a member of New York’s famous Pinky Pinky music Bands where she works as a guitarist.
  3. Her sister Maya Chambers works as a tattoo artist, Maya is popular in New York City for her Flash Tattoo.
  4. Eva’s father Justin Chambers is a millionaire, his estimated Net Worth is around $18 million.
  5. She has twins sister Maya Chambers and Kaila Chambers, they are born two years of Eva’s birth in 1997.