Eja Lange(Shania Twain son)Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth & More

Eja Lange(Shania Twain son)Wiki, Bio, Age, Net Worth & More

Eja LangeEja Lange is the name of a Canadian celebrity son, better recognized as the son of Shania Twain, who is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and actress, and her ex-husband Mutt Lange, who is a South African record producer and songwriter.


Eja Lange was born in Timmins, Ontario, Canada. His nickname is Eja. He holds Canadian nationality and belongs to Multiracial ethnicity. His zodiac sign is Leo and he followed the Christian religion.

Discussing his parents, Eja’s father’s name is Robert John “Mutt” Lange aka Mutt Lange, who is a South African record producer and songwriter. His mother’s name is Eilleen Regina Edwards aka Shania Twain, who is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and actress. He is his parent’s only child.

Now reflecting on Eja’s educational qualification, he is well educated. During his childhood, he was homeschooled by his parents. Then after matriculating he has enrolled at the university for higher education. From there he also accomplished his graduation but he hasn’t revealed his university and subject name yet.

Eja Lange Parents

Eja was born to his biological parents Shania Twain and Mutt Lange. His parents have started dating one another in the year 1993 and after dating for few months the couple has tied their knot on 28th December 1993, in a private wedding ceremony.

From their romantic marriage life, they welcomed their handsome son Eja. Everything was going well between them but according to time, several ups and downs have appeared in their conjugal life.

Lange has been involved in an extramarital affair with Twain’s best friend and long-time secretary, Marie Anne aka Marie Anne Thiébaud and that’s why Twain and Lange announced their divorce on 15th May 2008. Then after 17 years of married life, their divorce was finalized on 9th June 2010.

Eja Lange Parents Other Marriages

After being divorced from Lange, Twain has engaged with her best friend Marie’s ex-husband, Frédéric Thiébaud, on December 20, 2010, who was a Swiss Nestlé executive in Ricon, Puerto Rico. At that time, Marie also cheated on her husband Frédéric, with Twain’s ex-husband Lange and that’s why Frédéric and Marie’s marriage broke.

However, Twain and Frédéric started dating in 2008, after her divorce field with Lange. Then the lovey-dovey couple has tied their knot on 1st January 2011. They don’t have any children together.

At present, Twain was enjoying a happy conjugal life along with her husband, Frédéric, and son, Eja, and togetherly passed 10 long years. They were also seen in much love and looks inseparable as there were no rumors of any extramarital affairs between them. Currently, the family of three resides in a mansion in Corseaux, Switzerland.

Before Twain, Lange also married a woman named, Stevie Vann, also known as Stevie Lange, who is a Zambian singer and vocal coach. She is best known for her work as a backing vocalist and studio singer for many groups and solo performers in the 1970s and 1980s. The lover birds tied their knot in 1970 and after 8 years of happy conjugal life, they divorced in 1978. They don’t have any children together.

Eja Lange Professional Career

Talking about Eja’s professional career, there is nothing information available on the internet about his career but he has a great chance to follow in his mother’s footsteps and pursuing his career in the music industry.

In late 2019, in one interview with Entertainment Tonight, his mother, Shania Twain had said that he has also developed his passion for music, but unlike her, he doesn’t want to be on stage. She said:

He’s very passionate about making music, creating music, composing music. He doesn’t have this desire to be on stage. I’m not sure if he would ever go in that direction. He’s following more in the footsteps of creating the music. He loves to orchestrate music. I’m very happy for him.

Shania Twain Career

On 20th April 1993, Ѕhаnіа had rеlеаѕеd hеr ѕеlf-tіtlеd ѕtudіо аlbum, “Shania Twain”, which іnсludеd thе ѕіnglеѕ “Dаnсе wіth thе Оnе Тhаt Вrоught Yоu” аnd “Whаt Маdе Yоu Ѕау Тhаt”.

She released her ѕесоnd аlbum, “Тhе Wоmаn іn Ме” on 7th Fеbruаrу 1995. Іt wеnt оn tо bесоmе а multі-dіаmоnd сеrtіfіеd аlbum. Іt іnсludеd thе hіt ѕіnglеѕ “Аnу Маn оf Міnе”“Nо Оnе Nееdѕ tо Кnоw”, аnd “Yоu Wіn Му Lоvе”.

Then, Тwаіn rеlеаѕеd thе third studio аlbum, “Соmе On Оvеr” on 4th November 1997. Тhіѕ оnсе аgаіn bесаmе а multі-рlаtіnum аlbum аnd реаkеd аt Nо. 1 іn mаnу соuntrіеѕ, іnсludіng Саnаdа, Аuѕtrаlіа, Nоrwау, аnd Nеw Zеаlаnd.

She released her fоurth studio аlbum, “Uр!” on 19th November 2002. Тhіѕ, tоо, рrоvеd tо bе а mајоr соmmеrсіаl hіt. Then on 29th Ѕерtеmbеr 2017, ѕhе rеlеаѕеd hеr fіfth ѕtudіо аlbum, “Nоw”.

Besides, Ѕhаnіа hаѕ аlѕо rеlеаѕеd twо lіvе аlbumѕ, twо соmріlаtіоn аlbumѕ, thrее rеmіх аlbumѕ, оnе bох ѕеt, аnd 38 ѕіnglеѕ.

Moreover, Ѕhe hаѕ аlѕо vеnturеd іntо tеlеvіѕіоn аnd wаѕ ѕееn іn VН! Dіvаѕ соnсеrt іn 1998. Іn the year 2009, ѕhе bесаmе а guеѕt јudgе оn “Аmеrісаn Іdоl”. Ѕhе hаѕ аlѕо арреаrеd аѕ а guеѕt јudgе іn “Dаnсіng wіth thе Ѕtаrѕ”.

Mutt Lange Career

In 1971, Mutt had started the group “Hocus”, recording one album and releasing five seven-inch singles. He іѕ fаmоuѕ fоr thе multіtrасk rесоrdіngѕ аnd рrоduсіng оnе оf thе mоѕt fаmоuѕ rосk аlbumѕ.

Не hаѕ рrоduсеd mаnу аlbumѕ ѕuсh аѕ Носuѕ – “The Swan”/”He” (1972), Rісhаrd Јоn Ѕmіth – Superstar Smith (1974), Ѕріdеr – Spider (1975), Cіtу Bоу – City Boy (1976), Grаhаm раrkеr – Hеаt Trеаtmеnt” (1976), Thе Mоtоrѕ – 1 (1977), Clоvеr – Lоvе оn thе Wіrе (1977), Dеаf Sсhооl – English Boys/Working Girls (1978), аnd mаnу mоrе.

Moreover, he has produced albums for, or otherwise worked with, artists such as Місhаеl Воltоn, Вrуаn Аdаmѕ, Тhе Cоrrѕ, The Cars, Now United, The Michael Stanley Band, The Boomtown Rats, Maroon 5, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Сеlіnе Dіоn, Muѕе, Billy Ocean, Dеf Lеpраrd, АС/DС, Foreigner, and Huey Lewis and the News.

Eja Lange Net Worth And Salary

When it comes to celebrities people also want to know how much Eja Lange’s net worth was and what was his salary?  According to some reliable sources he has an estimated net worth of around $5 million. He has earned this sum of wealth mainly as a celebrity son and also from his various endeavors.

He also bought a house in Los Angeles, California, which has an estimated worth of around $1.8 million. His home is 2034 square feet spread out across three levels with a total of 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms.

On the other hand, Eja’s father Mutt has an estimated net worth of around $250 million. He has gathered this massive fortune from his professional career as a record producer and songwriter.

Besides, Eja’s mother Shania has an estimated net worth of around $450 million. She has earned this sum of wealth from her professional career as a singer, songwriter, and actress. Currently, she also owns multiple international properties: an estate in the Bahamas, a lakefront home in Canada, and a mansion in Corseaux, Switzerland, on the shores of Lake Geneva.

Eja Lange Age

When it comes to celebrities and their personal affairs, no doubt, the fans are always curious to know about all the small things. In this case, people are want to know how old is Eja Lange? He celebrates his birthday on 12th August and he was born in 2001, in Timmins, Ontario, Canada. As per wiki, he is now 20 years old.

6 Facts On Eja Lange That Might Surprised You!

  1. Eja Lange’s birth name is Eja D’Angelo.
  2. His birth flower is Gladiolus & Poppy.
  3. His mother, Shania is the best-selling female artist in country music history and has sold over 100 million records, making her one of the best-selling music artists of all time.
  4. Shania is also prominently known as the “Queen of Country Pop”.
  5. Currently, Eja is enjoying his single life and also so much focused on his career.
  6. He stands at a tall height with moderate weight. His height is approx 5 feet 10 inches and his weight is about 75 kg.