All Truth of Diesel Brothers Star - Diesel Dave Kiley. Wife, Bio

All Truth of Diesel Brothers Star – Diesel Dave Kiley. Wife, Bio


Diesel Dave Kiley is the name of an American entrepreneur and custom vehicle builder, who is better known for his first appearance in Discovery Channel’s Diesel Brothers television series. Moreover, Diesel Dave is a patriot man and also the co-owner of  DieselSellerz.


Dave was born in Utah, USA. His real name is David Kiley. Kiley belongs to the white ethnicity and holds an American nationality. Other information about his family and educational status isn’t disclosed in the media.


He has a passion for cars and loved to customize them. Even he drifted across a few garages, learning and perfecting his trade. And he eventually meets Heavy D, a man who shared a similar passion.

Reportedly, once Heavy D tried to impress a few women and accidentally put gasoline into his pickup truck, then Dave rescued and helped him clean up his tank. Later they discussed going into business together. This would eventually give rise to the Dieselsellerz.

Diesel Brothers Dave Kiley

Dave and his partner Heavy D gained huge popularity after they appeared in the popular television show, Diesel Brothers.

The series premiered entitled Free Willy’s on January 4, 2016, on Discovery Channel. The duo of both Heavy and Diesel developed and has intended a few of the world’s amazing vehicles.

Also, they have been educating numerous audiences about the techniques required to convert these trucks into incredible creations and customize pickup trucks. The Diesel Brothers are not actually brothers. They are two friends  David Sparks and David Kiley, who started a fix-it shop for all types of vehicles.

Dave Kiley Wife and Daughter


Is Diesel Dave married? He married his long-time girlfriend Susan. He is successful in his career similarly, he is very much successful in his personal life with his wife, and two Daughters. Dave is a married person.

On January 12, 2017, the adorable couple welcomed their first child named Saylor Fe. Diesel Dave and his Wife Susan presently reside in Utah with their daughter who is now two years old.

The couple is very affectionate towards one another and is determined to provide a good upbringing to their child. He has always been a loving husband and often posts pictures of his family on Instagram.

They both share a love and passion for diesel vehicles. So for all of you who were wondering about his relationship status, Diesel Dave is a happily married man with a beautiful little daughter and a second child.

Dave Kiley’s Net worth

As we know, a Tv personality is able to earn a lot of money, mainly if he is featured on a show with many followers. Besides, Dave and D have built and sold several diesel trucks at DieselSellerz and made it one of the highest-earning companies.

Also, he is quite popular on social media. He has 1.5M+ followers, and we know how much money to make an Instagramer through brand promotion. And if you look at his Instagram he promotes lots of products within his industry.

Diesel brothers are as popular as they come. Looking at the endeavors each of them has placed, it wouldn’t be wrong to suspect that Diesel Dave enjoys a handsome figure of net worth. As for 2023, he has an estimated net worth of $5 Million.

However, it wouldn’t be wrong to claim that he enjoys a luxurious living. As he continues her producer career, it is expected that his wealth will also continue to increase.

Diesel Dave Kiley Age

When it comes to celebrities and their personal affairs, no doubt, the fans are always curious to know about all the small things. In this case, people are want to know how old is Diesel Dave Kiley. As per wiki, he celebrates his birthday on June 17 and was born in 1974, which makes him age 49 this year.

Diesel Dave Kiley Height

Diesel is a toll guy that he got many advantages when he works. But people want to know how tall is diesel dave, as for the source his height is 1.77 m(5.80 ‘) and his weight is 98 kg. And his brother Heavy D’s height 1.93 m(6.29 ‘). How tall is diesel dave from diesel brothers, he is shorter not toller from his brother Heavy D.

Diesel Dave Social Media

Being a Tv personality and having worked in the TV industry for several years he has been able to create a strong fan base on social media. He has gained popularity along with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

His official Instagram account has more than 1.5 million followers which used to share his family photos and also share pictures of his daily work. He is also famous on Facebook with over 84 k followers, while on Twitter, Jordan has just over 21 k loyal fans.


  • He is an American entrepreneur and custom vehicle builder.
  • Dave and his partner Heavy D first met at a church event organized for young singles. During the event, Heavy invited Diesel to visit the lake along with friends in his pickup.
  • Heavy D, Diesel Dave and the rest of the crew including Red Beard, and The Muscle worked on diesel vehicles for DieselSellerz.
  • His wife’s name is Susan.
  • On the 12th of January, 2017, Dave and Susan welcomed their 1st daughter.
  • Diesel Dave and his Wife Susan presently reside in Utah with their daughter who is now two years old.
  • Dave and his wife welcomed their second child on 9 September 2018.
  • As per the news, a cancer patient wins $100000 from Diesel Brothers for his treatment.