Dan Greiner(Lori Greiner Husband)Wiki, Net Worth, Bio & More

Dan Greiner Dan Greiner is a businessman, author, and reality star. He is better known for his wife Lori Greiner, If you ever saw QVC cable television you might know her. She is invested in 600 products and has 120 US and foreign patents.


Dan is a very introverted guy, he does not reveal much about her childhood. As for the internet, there is no information about her early life and where she born and comes from. But we collect some of the best information for you guys.

Full NameDan Greiner
Date of Birth1960
ProfessionChief Finance Officer at For Your Eyes Only
WifeLori Grenier
Famous ForBusinessman, Author, and Reality star

Who is Lori Greiner Husband Dan Greiner?

Dan got popular after the news broke he has been married to high profile entrepreneur and television personality, Lori Greiner.

Lori Greiner’s husband Dan’s career is less glamorous than Loria’s. She wanted to be in the limelight, another side her husband more introverted and he doesn’t want to be in front of the camera.

He presently serves as the VP and Chief Finance Manager of For Your Ease Only [1]merchantgould. The company is founded by his wife all most 25 years ago, now the company is on the top charts in regard to sales. They manufacture many products like perfumes, jewelry, as well as other home accessories.

The company makes the product at an affordable price and those products can be found in various retail stores across the country.

Dan Greiner Wife, Lori Greiner

It is no secret that Dan is married to Lori Genier, But there is not much information about their relationship. They married in mid- the ‘90s, at a place called Kincaid’s in the Lincoln Park area in Chicago in 1996. That is the time when Dan works as an assistant controller in ‘Bell &Howell Co‘.

The couple meets together by accident and they enjoy spending time with each other. Now they completed two decades with each other. But as per the news in 2010, they have a huge Disagreement but Neither Dan nor Lori has opened up much about their private life in public. Meantime they split home between residences in Chicago, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

People are also want to know how old is Lori Greiner? As per wiki, she celebrates her birthday on 9th December and was born in 1969, which makes her age 52 this year.

She is born in Chicago, Illinois USA. She has an elder sibling sister. Her parents divorced when she was only nine years old. After finishing school she attended the Loyola University of Chicago, where she majorly focus on communications, with a focus on journalism, television, and film. When she studies in college, Lori worked for the Chicago Tribune


Dan nor Lori is married for a long time but they do not have any biological kids although they love kids. Lori also told in one 2014 interview that she loves kids. She is love to play with her friends with kids and she gets some product idea about kids like toys, posters, and more.

Dan Greiner Net Worth

As a popular businessman, people want to know how much money he has. Dan is involved with one of the most successful businesswomen in the country. His wife has a nickname like the Queen of QVC, and over 700 invented products under her company. There is public news that the Chief Finance Officer’s average salary is $377,796 in the USA.

Her wife is a self-made millionaire. It is not surprising that Dan Greiner’s net worth presently stands at $120 million, which he shares with his wife [2] investopedia.

Dan Greiner Age

When it comes to celebrities and their personal affairs, no doubt, the fans are always curious to know about all the small things. In this case, people are want to know how old is Dan Greiner? But it’s unfortunate that his birth date is not clear on the internet which helps to understand how old he is. But some reputed sources claimed that he is 60 years old at the moment.

Dan Greiner Height

As we know, his fans are always curious to know about all the small things like how tall is Dan Greiner? He has been able to attain a height of 5 feet and 10 inches which is also equivalent to 177 cm. And people also want to know how tall is he from his wife Lori Greiner? Lori’s height is 5 feet 7 inches which is also equivalent to 170 cm. So Dan is 7 cm toller then his wife.

4 Facts On Dan Greiner That Might Surprise You!

  1. There is some rummer spread in the media that Dan Greiner is a Gay.
  2. His wife is the Shark Tan star and self-made entrepreneur.
  3. Greiner’s wife is known as the Queen of QVC.
  4. Lori firstly joined the Home Shopping Network, later she switched to QVC.