Chase Morrill(Maine Cabin Masters)Salary, Children, Wife, Age & More

Chase Morrill

Chase Morrill is the name of a famous Tv personality and a professional constructor. Chase came into the limelight for his appearance in the famous reality show  Maine Cabin Masters, which airs on DIY Network.


He abled to gained huge popularity through the show showing his unique skill of renovating old classic Maine vacation properties.

Chase was born in Augusta, Maine. His father Eric Morrill passed away in 2014 after losing his courageous battle with cancer. Chase’s mother Peggy Morrill, who still alive.

He has a sister named Ashley Morrill (the only female member and Designer of Maine Cabin Masters), who went to a community college for her education. Ashley is happily married to her husband, Ryan Eldridge. He received his Bachelor’s Degree from The College of University of Atlantic, Bar Harbour.

Chase Morrill Age

When it comes to celebrities and their personal affairs, no doubt, the fans are always curious to know about all the small things. In this case, people are want to know how old is Chase Morrill? As per wiki, he celebrates his birthday on December 25 and was born in 1977, which makes his age 43 this year. He raised in Augusta, Maine.

Maine Cabin Masters

After graduation, he started pursuing his passion for construction through reconstructing and renovating dilapidated buildings. This turned out to be his career which he has worked on since then. In early 2017, his career unexpectedly took a significant shift after released the DIY cable TV show, Maine Cabin Masters.

In the show, Morrill’s family and his friends reconstruct and redecorate the classic Maine camps and cabins. Moreover, the show attracted the attention of very many viewers. The actor along with his crew with their specialty to renovate the cabins and camps in the Pine Tree State are working at Maine’s stunning waterways since Season one.

Maine Cabin Masters Cast

Taking about the Maine Cabin Masters Cast there are five members on the group. Chase Morrill leads the team and also he planes the content then discusses it with his team. Besides Chase, there are four members name Ashley Morrill(designer sister), Ryan Eldridge(Ashley carpenter husband), also featured in each episode are master carpenters Matt Dix, Jared Baker.

In addition, the show became the #1 on DIY Network in the US and Season three garnered more than 3.5 million viewers. After the huge success, the third season premiered on 3 December 2018. As of July 2020 is in its fifth season.

Whats happened in each episode Chase introducing Ashley and Ryan to a new cabin and its owner. The cabins are in poor shape and badly in need of renovation, then the team decided the budget and design. After locked the design, then they create a basic structure. Cabin Masters make every attempt to restore these structures. They renovate such a way that the old structure is alive with a modern touch.

Chase Morrill Children & Wife

Chase Morrill Children

Morrill is is a happily married man. He married to a North Andover, Massachusetts-native, Sarah Morrill, who has been working as a registered nurse for the Maine Primary Care Association. The couple is blessed with 2 beautiful daughters Children, named Maggie Morrill (older) and Nori Morrill (younger).

As of now, they live in Augusta, Maine. On 26 December 2018, Chase and his family are spotted enjoying a trip to Pura Vida and enjoyed their vacation. His wife Sarah’s Facebook feed explained that he is in a buttery smooth relationship with his family and their kids. Showcasing their strong and robust bond, Sarah shared a snapshot with her husband and her kids in April 2019.

Morrill loves to spend time with his family and two adorable daughters. The cabin master has an interest in visiting a new place and he often goes on a family vacation. Some days ago the family has gone tour in a glacial cirque of Tuckerman Ravine.

Chase Morrill Net worth(salary)

People are always curious to know celebrity net worth. In Chase case, people are want to know Maine Cabin Masters salary. All of the members earn a hefty sum of money, and we know the show evolving with the time for scale (look) of the shoot and production design.

According to the source, Chase and his crew were paid (Maine Cabin Masters salary) a $30 K budget to complete Mainers Rob, and Candy Eaton’s dilapidated 1930s logged cabin within six weeks in 2016.

As of now, the show, Maine Cabin Masters is on Season Three. However, he enjoys a handsome salary and an impressive net worth. Chase Morrill’s estimated approx net worth is $600,000.


  • Chase started worked as a builder.
  • Morrill’s father passed away on 27 July 2014.
  • After a few years, Chase and his friends got a life-changing idea of being involved in television shows.
  • He met his wife Sarah Morrill back at the university and dated for a while before they married.
  • Chase Morrill’s net worth is $600,000.
  • He rose to fame through the show Maine Cabin Masters, where he showing his unique skill of renovating old classic Maine vacation properties.