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Caleb Murray, The Truth About Bill Murray’s Son

Caleb MurrayCaleb Murray is the name of an American celebrity kid, who is better known as the son of famed actor, Bill Murray and his second ex-wife Jennifer Butler. This celebrity kid gained attention when he was arrested on 1st June 2020 at a Black Lives Matter protest rally in Massachusetts. He was allegedly charged with several crimes, including assault and aggression against a police officer.

Early Life

Murray was born on January 11, 1993, in the United States to his parents Bill Murray and his second ex-wife Jennifer Butler. He is of white ethnicity and has American nationality. Capricorn is his zodiac sign.

He grew up along with his three siblings Jackson, Cooper, and Lincoln. Murray has two half-brothers, Homer and Luke, from his father’s first marriage to Margaret Kelly. Currently, Murray lives in Los Angeles, Rancho Santa Fe, California, Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, Charleston, South Carolina, and Palisades, New York, a New York City suburb.

Caleb Murray Profile

  • Full name:  Caleb Murray
  • Date of birth: January 11, 1993
  • Place of birth: United States of America.
  • Nationality: American
  • Famous for: Being the son of famed actor, Bill Murray.

Caleb Murray Family

His father Bill Murray is a well-known comedian and entertainer. On the other hand, his mother Jennifer Butler was a costume designer, known for Groundhog Day (1993), Firestarter (1984), and The Last of the Mohicans (1992). She died on January 12, 2021, on Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina, USA.

The couple blessed their 1st child on January 11, 1993, who is Caleb James Murray. He has three siblings. Cooper, Lincoln, and Jackson are his three siblings. Caleb also has two stepbrothers from his father’s side called Luke and Homer.

His Parents Meet and Separation

Caleb Murray’s mother and Bill Murray knew each other since the early 90s. In 1991, they started dating, when she was working as a costume designer.

Murray married Jennifer Butler in 1997, and their most famous child, Clan Murray’s Caleb James Murray, was born on January 11, 1993.  Subsequently, their kid, Jackson William Murray of Clan Murray, was born on October 6, 1995. Cooper Jones Murray was born on January 27, 1997, and Lincoln Darius Murray was born on May 30, 2001. Reportedly, they married in 1997, the pair signed a written agreement, which was included in the divorce papers as an exhibit.

After nearly 11 years of marriage, Jennifer filed for legal separation from her husband on May 12, 2008. She was claiming he assaulted her and was addicted to marijuana and alcohol. Later their divorce was finalized on June 13, 2008. Murray promised to pay his wife $7 million within 60 days of signing a settlement agreement.

Before Jennifer, he was in a relationship with Mickey Kelley for more than 13 years. During that time they had two children with her. The names of the children are Luke and Homer.

Caleb Murray was Arrested At Black Lives Matter Protest

Caleb was arrested during a BLM protest in Massachusetts on June 1, HollywoodLife has learned. He was reportedly hit with numerous charges including assault and battery on a police officer. He attended a Black Lives Matter protest, where he is accused of breaking a truck window and being uncooperative with police. Caleb allegedly spits on and bit a police officer, attacked sheriff’s deputies, and threatened arson, according to a police report obtained by HollywoodLife.

After he was arrested in Vineyard Haven, Massachusetts on June 1, 2020, Caleb Murray was brought to the Dukes County Regional Lockup. Bail was set to $10,000 pre-arraignment,” the Dukes County Sheriff’s Office, told HollywoodLife on Friday, June 5, adding, “Mr. Murray was released post-arraignment and is no longer in custody with the Dukes County Sheriff’s Office.”

Caleb Murray Net worth

Being a celebrity he living in the limelight of the media. Despite those attentions, his net worth is still unknown. Moreover, there there is no specific information about what he does for a living; hence, his net worth is also unknown.

On the other hand, his father is an American comedian, actor, writer, and producer who has a net worth of $180 million. After a long and illustrious career, Bill Murray has emerged as a true comedic legend. Murray’s deadpan delivery and unique acting style make him a worthy addition to virtually any film, earning him countless awards.

6 Facts On Caleb Murray That Might Surprise You!

  1. His zodiac sign is Capricorn.
  2. Caleb is a tall man with a height of 6 feet 2 inches.
  3. His parents began dating in 1991.
  4. Bill Murray is estimated to have $180 million in total assets.
  5. Murray was apprehended during a BLM fight in Massachusetts in June 2020.
  6. Caleb was arrested for spitting on and chewing cops and undermining pyromania during the widespread unrest on Martha’s Vineyard.