Caleb Coffee Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Bio & More

Caleb CoffeeCaleb Coffee is a young  Tik Tok star and a famous social media star, he is also known as a son of the famous Tik Toker Jason Coffee. In his Tiktok Chanel and Social media, he mainly posting Various Sketches, His Vlog, and Pranks.


Caleb Coffee was born in 2005 in Hawaii, United States, he is the son of Jason Coffee and his wife Chassy Coffee. Caleb’s father Jason Coffee is a famous Tik Tok celebrity, he has a huge fan flower on his Tik Tok Channels, and his mother Chassy Coffee is a homemaker.

Caleb is studying in a Local High School in Hawaii, at a very early age he started his Tik Tok videos and in feature, he wants to be an Actor. He was brought up with his two Siblings Isaac Coffee and Peyton Coffee.


At a very early age when he was only 9 years old, he started using Instagram and posting pranks and Vlog on his Instagram account. He came into the limelight when he started using Tik Tok.

After his father, Jason Coffee and his sister became very famous on TikTok,  Caleb decided to Join them.  After that, he Started using Tik Tok and posting his Various Sketches, His Vlog, Different challenges, and Pranks Videos.

Now he has a huge of fan follower on his Instagram, at a very young age Caleb becomes a very famous social media star and he earns a considerable amount of money from his videos.

Caleb Coffee Girlfriend

People are very curious to know who is the girls Caleb is dating, we have seen that he hanging out with many beautiful girls. There is a rumor that Caleb  Coffee is in a relationship with the pretty girl Luara Fonseca.

But they have never revealed their relationship in public, people doubt that the couple wants to keep their relationship private.

Caleb Coffee Family

Caleb is the son of a famous social media personality, Jason Coffee, he very famous on TikTok and Instagram. He also has a youtube channel on his name where he posted Vlogs and Funny videos.

Caleb’s mother Chassy Coffee is a housewife, she is known as the wife of  Jason and the mother of Caleb.  She appeared in some video of her husband Jason Coffee after that she has become popular.

He brought up with his two siblings Isaac Coffee and Peyton Coffee, Caleb’s sister Peyton Coffee is also a social media star, she is very famous on  TikTok and Instagram.

His brother Isaac Coffee is a very good dancer, he has become very famous for his short dance clip.   He has a lot of followers on his Instagram where he posted his short dance clip to popular songs.

Caleb Coffee Age

When it comes to celebrities and their personal affairs, no doubt, the fans are always curious to know about all the small things. In this case, people are want to know how old is Caleb Coffee? He celebrates his birthday on 28 March and was born in 2005, which makes his age 15 this year.

Caleb Coffee Height

True fans are always curious to know about all the small things like how tall is Caleb Coffee? He has been able to attain a height of 5 feet and 3 inches which is also equivalent to 161cm.

Caleb Coffee Net Wroth

From his social media carer, Caleb earns lots of money by promoting some brands on his videos. At a very early age, he earns lots of money from his videos brand promotion.

Including the asset, his father Jason Coffee gifted him and he earns of his small career, Caleb Coffee’s estimated Net Worth is around $300k.

5 Facts On Caleb Coffee That Might Surprise You!

  1. When he was started using Instagram and posting his videos on his Instagram account he was only 9 years old.
  2.  His father Jason Coffee has a Youtube channel on his name, where he has lots of subscribers. Recently  Caleb’s father Jason Coffee bought a BMW M3.
  3. Caleb Coffee is an animal lover, he loves to spend his time with Pet dogs, cats, and Pigs, he also posted lots of photos with his pets.
  4. He is a big fan of Vin Diesel, he loves to watch his moves in his leisure time,  Caleb also a big fan of the Lakers.
  5. In his Instagram Bio Caleb describe himself as a Hawaii boy, he loves to spend his time in Hawaii.
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