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Ashleigh Jordan Wiki, Bio, Net Worth, Age, Family and More

Ashleigh Jordan Ashleigh Jordan is the name of an American famous fitness instructor, model, and Instagram star who gained massive attention for her makeup tutorials and cosmetic equipment favorites. She is better recognized for encouraging and inspiring people to be fit and healthy.


Ashleigh was born in Pennsylvania, United States. She holds an American nationality and belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity. Her birth Zodiac is Pisces.

Talking about her educational background, there is no such information available on the internet which helps to understand how educated she is.

From an early age, she had a strong passion for fitness and fashion. So as she grew up, she decided to make her career as a fitness instructor.

As a result, she is now recognized as an Instagram star who earned a lot of fame and attention for workout techniques, diet plans, and beautiful portraits of her which she uploads on her Instagram account.

Ashleigh Jordan Age

When it comes to celebrities and their personal affairs, no doubt, the fans are always curious to know about all the small things. Jordan was born in 1992 in Pennsylvania, USA.

As per wiki, she is now 28 years old as of 2020. She appears to be reserved about her family history, so, she has not mentioned anything about her father, mother, and Sibling until now.

Ashleigh Jordan Famous For

As we know she was passionate and interested in fitness and fashion from an early age and became an Instagram star who earned a lot of fame and attention for workout techniques, diet plans, and beautiful portraits of her.

In September of 2013, she first began posting fitness-related content to her Instagram. She uploads fitness-inspired photos and videos on Instagram during quarantine, helping her 3.5 million followers complete at-home workouts.

However, she also runs a Youtube channel called Ash n Brett which she used to uploads more exercise tips and other fitness-related content. She shares her videos with her 48,000 subscribers.

Apart from being a seriously inspiring buff babe, she also owns her own activewear company, @nvgtn, where she offers incredibly high-quality workout wear that you can feel sexy and strong in.

Ashleigh Jordan Workout Plan

In her most recent post, the model instead chose to update her fans on her fitness progress, uploading a transformation photo. She uploads a composite of two photos that express to viewers the difference between Ashleigh’s physical appearance several years ago and how she looks now.

The reason behind her extraordinary physical appearance is her work routine and diet plan. The fitness model has been uploading a variety of home workouts to encourage her followers to exercise on their way.

  • Bicycles 3×20
  • Plank side to side 3×10
  • Oblique Crunch 3×15 (each side)
  • Reverse Plank Leg Lifts 3×10

Navigation (Merchandise)

As we know Navigation, was co-founded by Ashleigh. As of now, she mostly sells custom-made T-shirts, hoodies, fitness products, and other accessories with various stickers and prints from

For those who looking for fitness-related several types of clothes and accessories then Navigation is the best choice for them. The prices of the merchandise range from $20 – $100 which is very affordable and gets sold out time and again.

Ashleigh Jordan Leggings

Leggings are mainly for women and it is a very useful thing for those who are associated with fitness. Leggings are like a covering for the leg, usually extending from the ankle to the knee but sometimes higher, worn by soldiers, riders, workers, etc.

According to Poshmark[ref][/ref], NVGTN’s leggings are the softest, most flattering leggings. These leggings have contour shadowing designed to enhance the beauty of your natural curves.

Made with a buttery soft blend of materials, these leggings will feel weightless on your body while hugging you in all the right places, allowing you to crush your workout without any disturbances or discomforts.

NVGTN Legging Review

NVGTN is a really hyped-up activewear brand. So NVGTN is Ashleigh Jordan’s activewear line, and she’s like a super big like two million followers, super big fitness person on Instagram.

Their leggings are probably their most hyped ones, which literally sell out so fast. So it’s definitely one of those companies that sell out super quickly.

First of all, they did not send these to me, there is no affiliation with NVGTN. So I actually do have a few complaints about these leggings and the company, and I don’t feel like I’ve heard a lot of other people in their reviews talk about this.

You can buy two leggings for 48 US dollars and they don’t have any free shipping. So you have to pay like 55, 56 dollars to get these leggings to your door and it is definitely up there in price. They’re around Gym Shark kind of style prices, so definitely expecting pretty high-quality leggings.

Talking about the colors, they have expanded their color range. They used to just have this color, but now they have this color which is the blue color. They also have khaki, pink, and a speckled black color, which is just more of like the true gray color.

So these leggings do have a few key details. The first is obviously the under-booty contour. And when I looked at these leggings, I thought the under-booty contour was kind of small, but it actually really stretches out when you put on the leggings.

So these leggings are super stretchy, which is just kind of a darker shaded little, like crescent moon shape thing, and with these, you definitely have to adjust it. They also do have a nice little side contour detailing.

It doesn’t really add many shapes to the leg, but it kind of just adds a nice little, like, design feature. These leggings also have a nice thick ribbed waistband. It’s a few inches high, has pretty good height, offers a little bit of compression as well.

So the logo is actually embroidered into the waistband, which I think is a really nice touch because a lot of leggings will just, like, put on a little vinyl, and after somebody washes, you can just peel those things right off, so they’re not actually very good quality.

Ashleigh Jordan Personal Life

Talking about her personal life, she is single by her marital status. Being a social star and fitness instructor, she has a huge number of male followers out of millions of fan following. They always knock her to know who is this beautiful girl in a relationship with.

It is fortunate that she is in a relationship with a man named Brett Schneggenburger, who is also an online fitness star and model. Due to their similar interest and passion, it seems that they are destined for each other and complete each other. He always supports her in any condition.

Ashleigh expresses her love to him through her Instagram posts, where she has been seen as the happiest woman in the world. It definitely won’t be wrong to say that their relationship is destined to last forever.

As of now, they due living their beautiful life without any complaints or complications. So they have been an example and a lesson for couples who tend to part their ways in the smallest of things.


  • Ashleigh is one of the famous and trending celebs who is popular for being an Instagram Star.
  • Her birth Zodiac is Pisces.
  • She created her Instagram account in September 2013 and since then she started posting fitness-related content.
  • She is in a relationship with a man named Brett Schneggenburger since 14 January 2016.
  • Brett Schneggenburger is also an online fitness star and model.
  • Her estimated net worth is around $1 million US dollars. However, it wouldn’t be wrong to claim that she enjoys a luxurious living. As she continues her career, it is expected that her wealth will also continue to increase.