Allysa Rose(Graveyard Carz)Wiki, Bio, Net Worth, Age & More

Allysa Rose(Graveyard Carz)Wiki, Bio, Net Worth, Age & More

Allysa RoseAllysa Rose is the name of an American tv personality, who rose to fame after appearing in a reality TV show called Graveyard Carz. She is also known as the daughter of Mark Worman, who is also the owner of a car garage namely Welby’s Car Care.


Allysa was born in the USA, which means she is an American by her nationality and belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity. She rose to fame after her outstanding role in the reality Television show Graveyard Carz in 2012. Allysa is one of the most talented and beautiful actresses in America.

Likewise, Allysa has been interested in cars since her childhood. Rose was about ten years old when she used to work in her father’s car garage. She is the daughter of Mark Worman, the director and founder of the reality Television show Graveyard Carz.

She is also a trained classical dancer apart from a good actor. She was trained in complicated dance, including jazz, ballet, and ballroom dance since she was young. Allysa has been interested in acting since her childhood. She turned her passion into a career and became a successful actress.

Allysa Rose Profile

  • Real Name:  Allysa Rose
  • Date of Birth: 1991
  • Place of Birth: United States.
  • Nationality: American
  • Famous for: her outstanding role in the reality Television show Graveyard Carz in 2012

Allysa Rose Acting Career

Rose started her short time acting career after finishing high school. In June 2012, she got a chance to appear in the Tv series called Graveyard Car. This hit TV sequence occurred when they restore the late ‘60s and early ‘70s muscle cars. The series was created by Alyssa’s father Mark Warman and produced by The Division. During the series, she has a chance to collaborate with people such as Royal Yoakum, Josh Rose, and Daren Kirkpatrick. Later on, Holly Chedester and Will Scott joined the cast as well.

This show had six episodes ending in July of the same year. The second season premiered in January of the following year and featured 13 episodes while its third season premiered on 7 January 2014. The show is filmed in Springfield, Oregon. The show’s twelve seasons started telecasting on May 26, 2020, and The show is filmed in Springfield, Oregon.

Afterward, she started her career as a sports reporter with a less popular network but she has recently moved to CBS Sports Radio where she serves as a sports anchor. She also has her own business Likeable Media.

Graveyard Carz

It is an American automotive reality TV show made on location in Springfield, Oregon that restores the late 1960s/early 1970s Mopar muscle cars. This show was created and is owned by Mark Worman but produced independently by The Division, a film and television production company in which Worman is also the CEO.

The episode outline of the show is of automobile restoration and body shop that focuses mainly on the late sixties to early 70s Chrysler Mopar cars. Representing weekly that he has a passion, obsession, and perfection for the work that his shop does. His daughter Allysa Rose 26, started as part of the show in the first season but took hiatus from the second and third.

However, then being resurrected in the fourth season along with her dad and Will Scott, who is the main car painter taking on many Mopar challenges and tasks as they restore the vehicles. The cast of the show Mark Worman, Royal Yoakum, Josh Rose, Daren Kirkpatrick, David Rea, and Holly Chester (since departed) are referred to as (The Ghouls). Staying consistent with the show’s premise and theme of Graveyard Carz.

Allysa Rose Personal Life

Allysa is one of those people who would like to keep away their personal information from the media’s attention but as she is a popular personality, this is somewhat hard to do. She was married to Josh Rose, with whom she shared the screen together from 2011-2014.

The couple 1st met on the set of a TV series they both played in, and the two were an instant match. They dated for three years before exchanging their wedding vows although the exact date of their wedding isn’t known.

They had two daughters together, named Emma and Brooklyn, however, their relationship fell through and they divorced. Currently, Allysa is now reportedly dating Anthony Johnson, a lightweight contender in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Reportedly, the duo celebrated their marriage anniversary on 24th July 2021. He proposed on 2019’s Mother’s day after she was baptized, and they had an intimate ceremony in Maui, Hawaii.

Allysa Rose Net worth

Being a Tv personality she garnered a huge amount of money from her acting career. According to several reputed sources, Allysa’s current net worth is estimated to be more than $1 million and is steadily rising thanks largely to her TV career.

However, it wouldn’t be wrong to claim that she enjoys a luxurious living. As she continues her career, it is expected that her wealth will also continue to increase.

6 Facts On Allysa Rose That Might Surprise You!

  1. Allysa is quite active on several social media networks.
  2. She has medium-long blonde hair and blue eyes.
  3. Rose was physically active during the years she spent in high school, playing volleyball and soccer.
  4. Her biggest passion is still cars.
  5. She is a big lover of food and enjoys tasting various cuisines.
  6. Allysa is also a lover of animals and has had numerous pets throughout the years.